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Key Features

TABopts Basic

  • Quickly create, edit and find project proposals without having to search through emails or files on your computer.

  • Creates a quick and easy program to adopt for your business with our formal estimate and quote templates.

TABopts Pro

  • All Basic features.

  • Create revisions and alternate bids.

  • Add scope of work and material details quickly to a quote or estimate.

  • Custom estimate and quote forms to send to prospective bidders.

  • Add change orders and create punch list items to email or print with the Project Management add-on feature.

  • Pro gives you the security and comfort that will limit access to individuals based off of their particular work assignment so your information stays protected.

TABopts Premium

  • All Basic and Pro features.

  • TABopts Premium allows you to manage your inventory, time management and job costing all from within the program.

  • Manage profits for any given job.

  • Accounting module that will create, manage and send invoices directly to your customers.

  • Complete employee personnel tracking module to track time, ROP, training and certifications, etc.

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TABopts Reporting 2020

Simplify Your TAB Reporting

Generate custom, professional reports for your TAB clients whether you’re in the field or at the office.

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Available Modules

TABopts Basic Core

  • Project Management Program – Core

  • Project Folders

  • Proposal Tool

  • Standard Estimate and Quote Template

  • Quick Search

  • Setup and Configuration


  • Invoicing Module

  • Certified Payroll Module

  • Fringe Burden

  • Job Costing

  • Retainage

  • Requires Basic Core

Accounting Premium

  • QuickBooks Sync

  • AIA Documents

  • T&M Billing

  • Expense Log

  • Requires Basic Core & Accounting Module


  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Assets Management

  • Inventory Control

  • Requires Basic Core


  • Bid Prospects

  • Revision

  • Recurrence Module

  • Custom Quoting

  • Quick Keys

  • Advanced Search Routines

  • Alternate Tracking

  • Auto-Form Generation (Customized)

  • View and Edit Bid Types

  • Auto Email Quote Function

  • Requires Basic Core

Project Management

  • Production Log

  • Deficiency/Punch List Tracking

  • Change Order

  • Project Details

  • Tech Details

  • Recurrence

  • Staff Notes

  • Auto Email

  • Advanced Search

  • Project Reports

  • Requires Basic Core

Proposal Add-Ons

  • Invoicing Module

  • Certified Payroll Module

  • Fringe Burden

  • Job Costing

  • Retainage

  • Requires Basic Core


  • Password Authentication

  • Audit Trail

  • Instant Messaging

  • Requires Basic Core


  • AKA’s

  • Batch Emailing

  • Requires Basic Core

TAB Reporting

  • Report Generation Module – Client Supplied Forms

  • Reporting Module with Forms

  • No Prerequisite Required

TAB Reporting Add-Ons

  • Form Conversion

  • Bulk Reporting Alignment

  • Custom Forms

  • Requires TAB Reporting

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Learning TABopts is a Snap!

Our module-based software lets you manage your entire Test & Balance company with the same Microsoft Office® tools you already use. All of our modules integrate directly with MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, & MS Outlook.

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We’re Constantly Upgrading

At Ameritech Data Solutions, we’re always working to make our software even better. Whether it’s adding new features, creating new modules, or just making it easier to use, our goal is to provide TAB business software that makes your life easier.

Don’t see the module you need? Just ask.

Our software development team is happy to create custom modules and solutions that meet your unique business needs.

If you’ve got an idea, bounce it off us. We’d love to make it happen.

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